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One appetite is not so different from the other, after all.Italian Chat Finding your perfect match usually involves going through a long and complicated process, which might be deceivable at certain points in your life and might not allow you to start a long-lasting and blissful relationship.It’s a matter of perspective, I do Italians live longer?" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignright wp-image-5934" src=" alt="sophia_loren" width="286" height="254" / However, Female G made one comment which I absolutely cannot let pass without calling out “Bullshit!An Italian can really get by now—10 years ago I used to struggle to find crusty bread and a decent coffee. I won’t get into the whole “” discussion, but it must be a lot easier to prolong your adolescent attitude and behavior if your society is enabling (encouraging! Then there are bills to be paid and fortunes to be made, so who has time to play cat and mouse with every pretty girl? What an American or Australian might call “childish” (a negative connotation), an Italian might call “child-like” (a positive connotation, implying something filled with wonder and closer to the essential human condition). ” Which would be considered “normal” for an Italian man, so it’s no surprise that she’s shocked when her Australian date shows up in shorts and flip-flops.I miss my family, but I don’t think I will ever go back to Italy. Yes, we Yanks and Aussies are more pragmatic, for better or worse. I guess for an American or Australian, “normal” for man is rough and careless and…masculine.

So it’s not that we learn to play the game…it’s just that it’s not very interesting to us.Therefore, as the guys don’t really have to practice how to “win” a woman, they are really clueless.I have also met Italian guys here who have asked me if I could give them some clues as to how to “play” with Australian women, to which I asked, “What do you mean?I immigrated here 10 years ago, and I must say that I totally agree with you.

Chat italy girls 19 comments

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