Dating clean slate

One of the most critical first steps to finding your match is loving yourself and feeling good in your own skin.No matter your body type, owning who you are and liking yourself is a magnetic quality.“We would much rather do this in a way that is cost effective and we believe fair, rather than have folks come in, get arrested on the old warrant, go through the system and take up the time of judges, prosecutors and court officers,” said Vance.The first Clean Slate event held last November drew more than 700 people to a Harlem church.Don’t wait for your perfect partner to show up - get out there and start living.

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Adopt a playfulness around love - don’t be so serious about it. Get out of your comfort zone and let yourself be inspired to do new things. ” Believe in your bones that “yes” will lead to miracles and more of what you want.”A final and important tip for taking advantage of the clean slate of the New Year is to work on staying present.