Dating site for disabled guests

Being advised to stick to your own kind is ironic coming from people who claim to be anti-racist.None of my friends would ever tell a person of color to try dating their own kind, but for some reason that message is fine when it comes to disability.I would like to think they have my best interest at heart, but I can’t help but wonder if there is an unconscious fear of suggesting me to certain people.They might assume if they set me up with someone they know, that person might think they’re playing a mean trick.Maybe I could charm her so much that she would take me on as a client for free. Her ads could say, “If I could help this poor slob find love, I can find it for anybody.”With my friend’s help, I upload my profile to the site.

Whenever I ask for dating tips, some have asked me if I tried dating women with disabilities.

When I tried to ask what was wrong with dating a man with a disability, she said, “Come on, Jacob, you know.” I said I didn’t know.