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I will hold you through the night until you smiled and laughed. Here Till The End, XXXX Posted by confuseddesigirl on June 27, 2011 in bad boy, brown people, Desi, Desi Community, Islamic Youth, letters, Muslim Dating, Muslims in America, Pakistani dating, pakistani-american, sleeping around Today I was talking to one of my close guy-friends. As unfair as this is, what I am trying to say is that, although I preach rebellion as our motive in life, we should not take it too far as to be objectified and used by other men. Posted by confuseddesigirl on June 10, 2011 in bad boy, Desi, Desi Community, desi dating, Islamic Attire, Islamic Youth, Muslim Dating, Muslims in America, Pakistani, Pakistani dating, pakistani-american, Reputation, role model, Sex, sleeping around, Uncategorized No matter how hard we try to obey our parents and rely on arranged marriages as the sole way to live a decent respectable life, many of us can’t help but stray.This transaction is settled by older men and women close to the bride and groom-to-be. Not because she doesn’t dislike your affection, she just isn’t able to give it back to you.Family, education, occupation, appearances are all factors that play a part in deciding whether or not two people are a good match. And if you are one of those guys who like to torture your object of affection by flirting with her close friends, then maybe I don’t want you. He told me, his stupid Physics-challenged friend, that he is only sleeping with her for the sexual pleasure and has zero intentions of being her long-term boyfriend or introducing her to his family. This girl with constant stories of her hookups all of a sudden receives a rishta for a doctor, the son of wealthy business owners. All in all, it the business of arranging marriages depends on who your spokespeople are and how well they can “sell” you.