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Website Kicker Daily News says: “During a Blood Moon event, in other words, a Lunar Eclipse (the Earth is between the sun and the moon)…try to imagine if you are the Earth, and you are being pulled by strong forces (Sun and Moon) from opposite directions.If that wasn’t enough there will also be a total lunar eclipse, which is often described a blood moon because of the way the moon turns a gorgeous coppery red.A live stream from the International Space Station will allow viewers from all over the world to witness the spectacular phenomenon.We have a variety of webcams that are online 24 hours a day!

Astronomer Brad Tucker, from the Australian National University, explained that the red appearance of the moon is caused by light bending and filtering properties our the atmosphere.The rare total eclipse will take place in the early hours of January 31 over Australia, eastern Asia and parts of Canada.Viewers can expect to see a blue moon – the second full moon in a calendar month – orbiting closer to the Earth than usual, making it seem up to 14 percent larger in the sky.Beginning Friday at a.m., you can watch all the festivities from Gobbler’s Knob with the Visit PA live stream right here and on the WNEP Facebook Page.

Phil is expected to make his prognostication around a.m..

As legend has it, Phil will wake from hibernation on February 2 and if he sees his shadow as he emerges from his burrow, there will be six more weeks of winter.

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