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Thumper, on the other hand, delights in the grotesque, squeezing you into the sharp, metallic exoskeleton of a space beetle, rushing through a relentless, hellish void and confronting a stream of monstrous beasts.Its creators have dubbed it a "rhythm violence" game, testing players both physically and mentally to keep up with its blistering speed and brutal physicality.Mac Donald says that despite having to retrofit Rez for VR, it was clear from the very first working PSVR prototype that it was going to be something special.“We're on the first generation of VR and we're all still figuring out how this stuff works,” he says.

Both are "immersive" formats, surrounding and enveloping the user—less windows to other worlds, and more cocoons of physical, sensory experience.Where many report having shed tears at the sheer wonder they've felt playing Rez Infinite – mostly during the expansive made-for-VR "Area X" level – Thumper in VR may well make you cry for other reasons entirely.The words used by those who have played various in-development versions of the game to describe their experiences read like the back of a modern pharmaceutical bottle: anxiety, discomfort in the chest, general unease.Mizuguchi also included the sex toy-like peripheral – the Trance Vibrator – in the original retail version that would pulsate to the game’s propulsive techno soundtrack (provided by the likes of electronic musicians Ken Ishii, Coldcut and Oval).

In its new VR-compatible Rez Infinite incarnation (which the creators have demoed using a custom-built haptic suit that extends the Trance Vibrator concept to the entire body), the game now immerses players in its audiovisual womb as never before.

For the uninitiated: Rez began its life in 2001 on the Sega Dreamcast console, and has since become a seminal title in the history of modern audiovisual experience.

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