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// [/wptab] [wptab name='Stream 2'] [/wptab] [end_wptabset] Founded in 1994, Rustavi 2 is ...// [/wptab] [wptab name='Stream 2'] [/wptab] [end_wptabset] "Imedi" was established in 200...Winters are cold and snowy and summers are hot and sunny.As well as being dependant upon agriculture, Armenia produces copper, zinc, gold and lead.

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A new ski area has been announced for the 2011/2012 season at Betania, near Tbilisi in Georgia at a location renowned for its reliable snow cover.The official line of Armenian authorities regarding the rights of sexual minorities for years has been either that there are no issues in regards to the rights of LGBT people in the country, or outright public expressions of homophobia and transphobia from top ranking officials.A recent discussion in the National Assembly on NGO law devolved into a petty contest of which member could be more homophobic.It was an honor to work on this film with PINK and with these courageous individuals,” said Ghazareh during the premiere.

With “Listen To Me,” Karine, Romik, Tsomak, Sevak, Mel, Vahan, Gayane, Armen, Karabina, and Elvira shatter the collective silence that surrounds the topic of LGBT people in Armenia, and challenge us all to come out for sensitive and meaningful discussion on love, identity, and human rights in Armenia and for LGBT people everywhere.

Residents, who affectionately refer to Rio de Janeiro as "The Marvelous City...