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One of Baha' ud-Din's students, Sayyed Burhan ud-Din Muhaqqiq Termazi, continued to train Rumi in the Shariah as well as the Tariqa, especially that of Rumi's father.For nine years, Rumi practised Sufism as a disciple of Burhan ud-Din until the latter died in 1240 or 1241.According to hagiographical account which is not agreed upon by all Rumi scholars, Rumi encountered one of the most famous mystic Persian poets, Attar, in the Iranian city of Nishapur, located in the province of Khorāsān.Attar immediately recognized Rumi's spiritual eminence. He saw the father walking ahead of the son and said, "Here comes a sea followed by an ocean." He gave the boy his Asrārnāma, a book about the entanglement of the soul in the material world.

From Nishapur, Walad and his entourage set out for Baghdad, meeting many of the scholars and Sufis of the city.During his loan to Kelantan FA, he delivered outstanding performances in friendly matches before the 2012 Malaysia Cup campaign started.He scored a hat-trick and won 3-0 against Pattani FC and helped his team draw 1-1 against PBDKT T-Team FC.They finally settled in Karaman for seven years; Rumi's mother and brother both died there. They had two sons: Sultan Walad and Ala-eddin Chalabi.

When his wife died, Rumi married again and had a son, Amir Alim Chalabi, and a daughter, Malakeh Khatun.

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 28JAN06 - FLTR: Muhammad Ali, Former Heavyweight-Boxing Champion, Greatest of All Time (GOAT), USA, Shabana Azmi, Actress and Social Activist, India, Michael Douglas, Director, Producer and Actor, USA and Gilberto Gil, Minister of Culture of Brazil captured at the Presentation of the Crystal Awards at the Annual Meeting 2006 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 28, 2006.

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