Oracle sql updating multiple tables

There are some 10,500 rows in table A, and 10,000 rows in table B. One column in table B is a foreign key to a column in table A.Now the problem is to update the table A's three columns out of the four common columns between these two tables.

Is there a way to update all the three columns in one shot or another way that update can be done? You can perform an update on an inline view (the inline view joins the 2 tables, ARCUSTO and SHIP_TO), also known as an "updatable join view". Only updating at most 1 of the underlying base tables at a time 2.I have attached another illustration that might help. Please post back again if I've misunderstood your last post. That code was update arcusto set eplant_id = 20 where custno like '%-20%'. It's getting that accross the tables because they link on the ID and a lookup needs to be made on custno or on the exsisting eplant_id in the arcusto table. Here is the layout with some real example data in the tables.It lets you avoid multiple clause to specify the target table or view you are updating or inserting into.

In order to merge data into a view, the view must be updatable.

So, I'm trying to update the eplant_id in the ship_to table either based on the ending of custno in the arcusto table.