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If it involves satisfying a specific sexual fetish or fantasy, be clear about it.Use an egg timer approach when it comes to chats on PURE.Its minimalistic profiles and one-hour “self-destruct” feature for all posted requests and messages make it ideal for casual hookups. As powerful as PURE is, some users fail to take full advantage of it.Some are unaware of its key features, others try to use it like they would any other hookup app.If you haven’t made arrangements to meet in person or established other forms of contact in that 60-minute time frame, you are out of luck. Sometimes when you post a meet request you include a picture that you have second thoughts about right after you posted it.While any image posted on PURE will self-destruct after one hour, if you feel it prudent to do so, you can delete any image at any time of your choosing before it expires.

This means that you should have pictures suitable for the moment in case things during a chat start going your way.As with any other tool, knowing how to use it properly will determine the quality of the results that you get out of it.These are some tips that will help you meet more people and get what you want with the PURE app.The sooner both parties know what they are looking for, the sooner they can decide to meet or move on.

When you post a picture, maximize its effectiveness. Since your request consists solely of one picture, incorporate a visual element that will draw attention to your request. Hold up a sign, use creative and expressive poses — use your selfie not just to let other PURE users know what you look like, but also to get some insight into what you are looking for.

Either that or be ready to take pictures as you chat.