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"I don't think we can compete with that s*** show." These days, Louis-Dreyfus can't escape her fame, even at her son's Northwestern University basketball games, where she finds herself on the Jumbotron more often than she'd like., where he plays the lazy roommate who sells stuff on the internet.

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And, things get even more difficult once you add in the plethora of foreign-language shows as is becoming increasingly To help make the decision process easier, we picked out the absolute best Netflix Original Series ever, because you know those are never leaving the fan-favorite platform."And there's something so interesting and so theatrical about it. Peterman idea of things, the idea of searching for life as you wish it could be. cast members provided voice work once the series ended, none can touch the instantly recognizable voice of Patrick Warburton—widely recognized as Elaine's mechanic-turned-car-salesman boyfriend, who likes Arby's, stole Jerry's "move," and loves a good high five. In short, both Warburton's voice and person have been all over the big and small screen, and he's showing no signs of slowing down.You can follow Elaine's face-painting ex-boyfriend on Twitter @paddywarbucks.Besides writing and voicing the protagonist in getting canceled after two seasons.

Regardless, Seinfeld—who knows the difference between being canceled and being number one—has remained a living legend on the comedy scene. Always to be known as Kramer, Jerry's socially oblivious and eccentric neighbor, Michael Richards is almost solely responsible for portraying one of the most memorable characters in the history of sitcoms—a fact recognized by the Primetime Emmy Awards committee, who've awarded Richards three trophies for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Speaking of the internet—in 2014, a rumor claiming Knight passed away was shared all over social media. It's impossible.' But it was very possible, and it was funny." —a role not entirely dissimilar to that of Frank Costanza. In 2017, Stiller entered what is likely to be the last decade of his comedy-filled career by turning 90 years old.