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Here is a list of just some of the coping mechanisms survivors will turn to as a means of trying to hide from the memories, emotions, and pain of the abuse.It’s an unfortunate fact, but there are very few counselors in today’s world who feel uncomfortable with, nor fully understand how to treat victims/survivors of child sexual abuse. In the present discourse, gender is in a binary system of man and woman and sex of male and female. As we listen to their views and insights, we can begin to develop our own and frame their ideas within a social context.The long list of, often times, debilitating symptoms which afflict victims of this crime can linger far into the future.Many survivors never get help and end up living a life of isolation and misery.Some transsexuals remain within the gender discourse rather than rejecting it by adhering to gender roles, but others reject this as well.

After delving into Trans Liberation by Leslie Feinberg, I'm beginning to understand that there is much more to the discourse of trans than such a simple picture. Thus, people exist within the discourse of gender, while at the same time resisting it. These binaries are problematic for everyone, because no one really fits perfectly.Transgenderism still remains in the discourse of gender by positioning itself against the gender binary, however, in the gendered world we live in, it may be impossible to hold discourse without the context of gender.