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Like The Joy of Cybersex, the first issue of Wired magazine came out in 1993.It contained an article about a woman whose prolific activity in “hot chats” transformed her from a “paragon of shy and retiring womanhood” into a bona fide “man-eater.” The author describes a female friend who spent hours a day in the 1980s on a service called the Source.She became (through the dint of her blazing typing speed) the kind of person that could keep a dozen or more online sessions of hot chat going at a time.” The effects carried over into real life.“She began regaling me with descriptions of her expanding lingerie collection. In short, she was becoming her online personality.” Surfing was the new cruising, and it could change lives.A once-popular teacher who led the Otto Middle School band to national prominence, Howenstine was sentenced last week to six months in jail after pleading guilty to one count of attempting to hire an underage girl for prostitution.

The author of The Joy of Cybersex, Deborah Levine, had spent several years counseling college undergraduates at the Columbia University Health Education program. Like earlier safe-sex activists, Levine used bullet-point lists to introduce the sites her readers should know and to teach them the language that they would need to thrive on them.

"But the judge sentenced her within the sentencing guidelines, which started at 36 months and went up to 60 (on the low end of the sentence)."O'Keefe said Speed, 41, has been taking classes for parenting, anger management and substance abuse."We had hoped for some other alternative forms of incarceration, and possible community programming to allow her to continue treatment," he said.